Why become a Klippers expert?


Ever considered working on your own schedule? Interested in running your own business? As Klippers expert, this can be a reality. We believe that when you work hard, you should be rewarded suitably. When you work with Klippers as a mobile hairstylist or barber, you receive up to 85 % of the total sale.

Benefits with Klippers

Run your own virtual Salon

Once you become a Klippers expert, you are essentially your own boss. You have the power to manage your network of clients. You work with them to build a schedule that benefits both parties. They receive fantastic service, and you work on your time.

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Increased Income

In a typical salon, stylists receive reduced earnings. However, by providing in-home hair services with Klippers, your talents are rewarded. You receive 85% - 90% of your profit with each visit. With this structure, you earn more in less time.

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Flexible Schedule

Tired of the traditional 9-5? With Klippers, you can do away with typical working hours. Instead, you can set your own schedule by working during hours that fit your lifestyle!

Become a hairstylist

How to get started

Sign up

Sign up

Create an account, upload your documents and complete a quick screening call with one of the members of Klippers team. You will be notified once background check is completed.

Download the App

Download the App

Create your profile for the customers to see and let them know you. List down your services and prices. Also add your preferred working time and location. You are your own boss, remember?

Earn money

Earn money

Once you have all the necessary tools, you may start taking appointments.


  • How much of my earning can I keep?
    • Essentially, you are your own boss. You perform all of the tasks necessary to enhance the appearance of your client. Therefore, you keep up to 90% of your earnings.
  • What are the minimum working hours?
    • There are no minimum hours when you work as a mobile hairstylist with Klippers. Your set your own hours, and work based on your schedule.

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