Work from Home Mom

Being a mom is an adventure. And being a work from home mom, is a blessing in disguise. It gets really difficult to meet with all your work deadlines, toddler tantrums, feed them every 1 hour, get them to sleep. However on the positive side, you get to work near your kids all the time,

Introvert Diaries – Haircuts, salon, drama

Ever wondered what haircut dilemmas do introverts go through? If you are one, welcome to haircut for introverts and if you are not, still welcome, who knows you may relate to one of the problems and find my blog useful.  I have always had problems getting a haircut in a salon. Let me run you

Klippers – Start of a New Era

Ever found yourself in a place where you are short on time and need a haircut or an updo? Or you need a haircut, find a professional hairstylist/barber, but it is too far or the barber/stylist is not available or there is too much waiting, traffic on the way, freezing weather and the problem goes

Haircut Dilemma

I remember a time when I was a little and my father used to take me to the salon shop whenever I need a haircut. Just a few years ago, I had enough time to go to the salon, waiting in line and getting a good haircut. Years passed by and now getting a good

Keeping up with the trend

Inconvenience for going to the salon Once upon a time, there were days where you have to wait in line to get a haircut and you were not even sure whether the hairstylist you go with will live up to your expectations. I know I wasn’t sure. After that a time came were you are


Getting a haircut near me Getting haircuts is as important as getting new clothes, if not more important. It is essential to have a neatly, perfectly streamlined cut specifically tailored to fit you. But what length do we have to go to get our hair cut?  Luxury of getting a haircut Not everyone has the

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