Booking Questions

Here at Klippers, we aim to maintain the happiness of our clients. If you are unhappy with your service, we sincerely apologize. We ask that you, please email us at supportus@getklippers.com. We will take the necessary steps to ensure that you are satisfied.

Yes. Your appointment can be changed. This must be done 5 hours in advance before the set time to avoid any charges.

We recommend that you schedule your appointment well in advance to ensure that you secure your preferred time slot. In some situations, especially when appointments are booked with short notice, a date can be unavailable. However, check back as availability may change if someone cancels.

Our hair experts pride themselves on being on time. However, if they are late for their appointment by an unreasonable time, a full refund will be afforded.

Interested in booking an appointment? First, download our app and book a date for your desired hair service anywhere in the GTA.  You can schedule a haircut, new hair color, a blowout, or anything you prefer in as little as 60 minutes before your desired appointment time.  Or, set a time up to 8 weeks in advance.

Cancellations & Refunds Questions

 If you cancel your appointment within 5 hours of the appointment time, there will be a 50% charge of the total booking amount. The remaining balance will be deposited either to your wallet account or directly into your bank account based on your preference.

Client Questions

Our hair experts are professionals. While performing the service, they ensure that you are draped with a gown and that the floor is covered with a groundsheet. Once the appointment is complete, they clean up! A miniature vacuum is used to rid your floor of any mess.

We want you to be aware of the whole process. So, push notifications will be sent on the day of your appointment. These notifications are sent as reminders to alert you of your hairstylist’s arrival.

Before your mobile hairstylist arrives at your desired location, their contact information will be provided. This will be given 5 hours before the set time.

Preparation? Our hair experts typically take care of everything. All we need is access to a well-lit room, an outlet for plug-in tools, as well as a table, to display tools. Once we have this, we’ll take care of everything else.

Depending on the in-home hair services chosen, the duration of the appointment can vary. However, timings for your hair session will be provided by the stylist.

Absolutely! Safety is our priority. Before any hair expert is handpicked to be on our team, a complete background check is performed.  We ensure that each hair expert is approved before they are given consent to join our team.

Klippers’ team of hairstylists are comprised of professionals that embody years of experience. They are freelancers that have demonstrated robust talent and a sound level of commitment to their craft as hair experts.

Payment Questions

Yes. If you are happy with your service, an additional cash tip can be given to your stylist. These monetary compliments are always welcomed. 

Paying for your grooming service is a breeze. Simply input your credit information via the app once you book your appointment. Please note, that service tax will be charged to your card for each appointment.

Stylist Payment

There are no minimum hours when you work as a mobile hairstylist with Klippers. Your set your own hours, and work based on your schedule.

Essentially, you are your own boss. You perform all of the tasks necessary to enhance the appearance of your client. Therefore, you keep up to 90% of your earnings.

At Klippers, our hairstylists are paid fairly for their time, hard work and effort. Therefore, they earn up to 90% of the booking amount.

If a customer cancels the appointment within 5 hours of the appointment time, you will be given a certain percentage of the booking amount.

At Klippers, payments are made weekly via direct deposit.

Stylist Questions

Once a request has been made, you have 30 minutes to respond. The customer may wait. However, failure to respond promptly can result in cancellation of the in-home hair services.

Yes, Klippers is available everywhere in Canada.

Once you sign up with Klippers, you are discoverable to thousands of active users who can see your profile and portfolio. Also, you can share your profile with your existing customers.

Klippers’ hair experts are licensed professionals. They have worked at some of the most distinguished barbershops and salons. They are adequately trained and well equipped to deliver an outstanding styling experience.

Yes, as per our policy, cleaning up after you have provided the requested services is required.

Your customer’s contact information will be provided 5 hours prior to your appointment. Once provided, you may communicate with them.

If you are running late, you must contact the client to advise them as they may wish to wait or cancel the appointment.

Yes, you may cancel the appointment. However, frequent cancellations will impact your rating in the app and reduce future appointment requests.

We’re pretty certain you will love the freedom our service provides. However, if your interest in Klippers shifts, you can cancel by emailing us at contactus@getklippers.com. All equipment provided by Klippers must be returned.

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