I remember a time when I was a little and my father used to take me to the salon shop whenever I need a haircut. Just a few years ago, I had enough time to go to the salon, waiting in line and getting a good haircut. Years passed by and now getting a good haircut looks like a whole another job in today’s fast-paced world. Starting from appointment booking, going to the salon, waiting in line, getting a haircut and going back to home. It simply takes around 1-3 hours of my precious time, which I could have used in spending time with my family or doing other productive activities.

This is not the only thing changed. People’s perception to looks have also changed over a period of time. One’s looks is also one of the factors contributing to one’s progress in career. Today’s social pressures have made it very important for men and women to be well-groomed wherever they go, in parties, office or any other social gatherings. 

Little time spared to groom yourself and high social pressure to look good put us in this “Haircut Dilemma”. Remember a time when you were to go on a date or a party just after the office and your hairs were looking like you just came from a camping trip to Himalaya. Remember a time when you went to a salon and saw it so crowded that you wished you had your own hairstylist waiting for you. Remember a time when you were sitting in your comfortable couch, desperately needing a haircut but feeling very lazy to go out. I know you could picturize many such incidents. 

Klippers is the perfect answer to this “Haircut Dilemma”. This application is for all those people who believe that spending time with their little kid is better than waiting in the salon, who have realized that delaying a grooming session would intangibly affect career growth, who believes that there is always a better way. 

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