Ever wondered what haircut dilemmas do introverts go through? If you are one, welcome to haircut for introverts and if you are not, still welcome, who knows you may relate to one of the problems and find my blog useful. 

I have always had problems getting a haircut in a salon. Let me run you through some of the many problems I encounter while getting haircuts in the salon and a solution which I was fortunate enough to come across that changed my haircut experience for good and I hope it may change yours if you are one of the introverts! Here we go:

haircut for introverts

Finding a salon

Well, finding a salon is not a problem but getting a barber/hairstylist who understands your needs in that ‘good’ salon is a problem. Am I not right? I usually look for “Hair salons near me” with good ratings before selecting one. However, I always end up getting the shittiest barber/hairstylist who never understands my needs. Part of this is my fault, I always tell this to myself (after getting a disappointing haircut) that I should have said no to that barber/hairstylist in the first place and I should have clearly stated my expectations, but the introvert in me does not allow me to do that. I am like, let’s give this person a try maybe he will understand my needs. And here you go again, searching for a new salon.

Too conscious about the surrounding

Being an introvert I am always too conscious of the surroundings and the people in the salon which is why every time while getting a haircut at a salon, I am not comfortable communicating my needs to the barber/hairstylist. Thinking what will the barber/hairstylist or the people around in the hair salon think of me. So I convince myself of “let’s see what happens”

The loop of dissatisfaction:

Before stepping into the hair salon, I always make up my mind on communicating my hairstyling needs to my barber/hairstylist like “I need a number 2 and half fade from the side because anything less than that does not suit my face type, keep the hair length a little longer than medium. I want my fade even from both sides, previous barber/hairstylist messed it up. Please make sure you keep the fade even from both sides.” The moment I enter the salon, and the first barber/hairstylist approaches me and asks if he can cut my hair, my introvert ass be like “Ahm, yea sure man”. Funny isn’t it, well there is more. 

barber/hairstylist – “How do you like me to cut your hair?”

Me – “Well, I need number 2 and a half fade from the sides -”

barber/hairstylist – “I think number 2 and half will be too long for you, let’s try number one. How about that?”

In my head I am like don’t you dare say YES

Me – “Ahm, I was thinking more like 2 may be but yea we can try one but keep the fade even from both sides.” 

In my head “you dumbass!”

And here we go again, the loop of dissatisfaction. 


These are some of the many hassles I am going through getting a haircut as introvert. If you are someone like me who goes through these problems than I suppose we both know other common problems which we might be going through and I do not need to explain them all. However, I would like to share a solution which I think will help you guys for sure. One afternoon I was looking for popular hair salons near me and an advertisement popped up on my phone screen for In-Home Haircuts with Klippers. I was amazed by the increasing need for on-demand services. I downloaded the app and I saw different barbers/hairstylists around my area, their ratings, reviews, previous work images, services and prices. To my surprise, the prices were similar to what I was paying at the salon. 

The two things ‘Klippers’ provides, which are unique from what the hair salons provides are in-home haircuts and selecting your own barber/hairstylist. The two major pain points I was facing while getting a haircut at the salon. With Klippers I can now call a barber/hairstylist of my choice, at my home. 

How was the experience?

Getting a haircut at my place was really different. I was able to communicate my needs and how I want my hair cut without worrying about any judgements being made. Also, there was no waiting in line or find a parking spot or no hair salon drama. My barber/hairstylist came with his tools and a vacuum cleaner, placed a drop cloth under my chair, gave me a haircut (how I wanted it) and vacuumed all the mess after the haircut. To my surprise, the experience was really smooth and convenient. Everything done within 30 mins!

I have found my perfect haircut partner. Klippers is starting a new era of getting hair services.

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