Inconvenience for going to the salon

Once upon a time, there were days where you have to wait in line to get a haircut and you were not even sure whether the hairstylist you go with will live up to your expectations. I know I wasn’t sure. After that a time came were you are able to book yourself an appointment on phone but as growing economy and population it is time-consuming to find a parking place where you go for a haircut and also don’t forget the traffic you will have to face on the way, which will take almost two hours to get a haircut.


As Canada is a growing population and the busy life of people does not allow you to stay well-groomed on a daily basis. With the rise of the web, we’ve all grown a little introverted. I can only remember a time when the only way to talk to someone was to, actually be with them. We don’t use as much social platform is our positive context rather we use to dilute our physical presence. It’s certainly easier to have an awkward conversation via messaging apps rather than facing the actual problem or situation. But things are changing again. Humans are for better or worse, a Social bunch and we are finally starting to realize that online isn’t cutting it. So how are we changing our ways? Ironically, the same tool that’s dug our hole is the same tool helping us to dig our way out of it.

New era for Socialising

According to the trend in my generation, its helping to reintroduce us from not knowing any people if you are new to the country by knowing people with the help of renting your spare room on Airbnb and connecting to a stranger by showing them around your city and also making income out of it and just like that you make new friends from around the world. I was on a short trip to the UK, I learned more about the city from Uber drivers than I did from google, and shared a few good laughs learned more about their culture and their people. When I need to get my prepared for a date, for an upcoming concert or any corporate events, and I don’t have enough time to spend nearly two hours of my day for a salon visit, I go on Klippers and search for amazing hairstylist in my neighbourhood who have exactly what I need. I arrange an appointment to my place and on my time, make a connection, and maybe get some tips or tricks on how to grow my hair strong, how to take care of my hair if I have a hair fall issue in real-time, not from clicking frustratingly long YouTube videos. 

New era of socialising

Sharing economy apps

We went from one extreme to the other, from only knowing real social interactions, to fully embracing the internet a little too much. I’ve felt more connected to my city and its people in the last year than I ever have before, and it’s all thanks to the experiences brought upon these sharing economy apps and services. Who knows, someday my actual neighbour will be my permanent hairstylist, and through small interactions, our small talks in the hall might develop into something more. Maybe I could ask for some sugar without feeling weird about it because it’s not just my coffee that needs sweetening. 

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