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Getting haircuts is as important as getting new clothes, if not more important. It is essential to have a neatly, perfectly streamlined cut specifically tailored to fit you. But what length do we have to go to get our hair cut? 

Luxury of getting a haircut

Not everyone has the luxury of having a salon nearby; some go to very far lengths to get their haircuts. More so, hairstyles have been decried in the hands of non-specialists. In fact, getting a good look nowadays seems another heavy job as you don’t have the choice of selecting the hairstylist you want. And when you finally get one good salon, you get to wait in line for about 3-4 hours of your precious time.

Story of my haircut

I remember a time when I was little, and my father used to take me to the salon shop whenever I needed a haircut. I had enough time to go to a salon, waiting in line, just to get the simplest of haircuts. Years passed by and now getting a good haircut looks like another job in today’s fast-paced world. Starting from appointment booking, going to the salon, waiting in line, getting a haircut and going back home. It simply takes around 3-4 hours of my precious time, which I could have used in spending time with my family or doing other productive activities.

Experience of my date

I once had a date that came up like really impromptu, and I needed to get my hair neat for the perfect night. The night was particularly important because it was my shot at asking her out. The day quickly fuzzed by, and I could barely even get an appointment with my barber. Unfortunately for me, I walked into a downtown street barber’s shop, got a not-so-good-but-fair-for the night kind of cut and I was glad that the restaurant where the day date was happening was softly lit. That was the lifesaver. I didn’t feel any comfortable wearing that hair.

I didn’t want to go through that experience again.

Better way to get a haircut

But with Klippers, things are about to change for good. By merely scrolling through an app on your smartphone, you can easily book an appointment, search for amazing hairstylists in your neighbourhood, plan a grooming session at your convenient time and location. You can also get to pay through your cards if you are not the type that carries cash around. The application affords you a flexible schedule, security, and a well-defined channel through which you can make inquiries and drop your complaints.

Furthermore, with the traditional process of booking a session, you can build a rapport with your hairstylist in advance and be rest assured you’ll be in safe hands during the grooming trip and back. Your hairstylist may even turn out to be the good neighbour you hope to get acquainted with and the mutual convenience you seek. Klippers is more than just a cut-your-head-and-go, it is building convenience through social interaction.

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