Being a mom is an adventure. And being a work from home mom, is a blessing in disguise. It gets really difficult to meet with all your work deadlines, toddler tantrums, feed them every 1 hour, get them to sleep. However on the positive side, you get to work near your kids all the time, you get to see every single moment your kid experiences, their first “Mamma”, their first laugh, their first fart, their first step! Without any doubt the positive side outweighs the not so positive side.


I am a copywriter, work from home mom, with two toddlers. I would like to take you through my journey of parenthood combined with work. My day pretty much starts and ends with my kids all over me. And you cannot leave them alone even for a bit, they need attention all the time, you go out of their sight for a second and they would create a mess just to take revenge.

They act as my partners!

But I love them with all my heart, in fact they help me with all my copywriting part. I only have to ask a question and there you go with all their weird ideas coming out from their head and it actually helps me with my copywriting job. They are more like my partners, I just don’t pay them for their ideas. I have a habit of talking to my kids about everything. And one fine day we had to go to a wedding and as usual, I was complaining to my kids about travelling to the salon and waiting in line for my hairstylist while preparing their snack kit so that they can eat and keep shut while I am getting my hair done. And I was trying to make them understand to behave themselves in the salon and not to create a scene. That is when one of my kids asked me why am I going to the salon and not calling my hairstylist to my place?

In-Home Haircuts?

I was shocked at how easy the solution was and why did I not imagine that in my 29 years of life. It was so simple and stress-free, just find a hairstylist who can come to my place and at my time. So, I sat on my laptop and searched for in-home hair services and I came across Klippers, a mobile app which provide in-home hair services. The app was easy to find. To my surprise, they have a pretty good team of professional hairstylists you can select from. Booking is really simple, browse hairstylists near you, see their ratings and reviews, portfolio images, then you select your preferred hairstylist, service and time. Provide your address and there you go, you’ll have a stylist at your door in less than an hour. 

My first Klippers experience

I had a pretty good experience with Klippers and also my hairstylist was pretty knowledgeable. I was reluctant at first but had an amazing experience. The best thing? I had my kids around and I cared less because it was my house, I did not have to travel, wait in line or any of that. Just sit and relax on my couch until my hairstylist comes to my house and give me a cut. Another plus point is, you do not have to worry about clean up, Melanie my hairstylist, cleaned up the mess with a vacuum cleaner right after the appointment.

I would recommend Klippers to anyone and everyone who does not want to waste their time on going to the salon. For a work from home mom, Klippers is a blessing!

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